'ignite your true self'

12 Week Programme
What Path You Take, Can Be Your Choice

Beginner ~ Intermediate ~ Advanced

Remove the physiological, physical and spiritual chains that bind you to your twisted family, loves and friends.  Break free, live free.

REGISTER ~ $1,277 us

Around your family do you feel guilty, at fault, angst, regret, nothing’s right with you cause you’re so so so so useless…..? Eliminate the flip-flop between the spectrum of positive to negative reinforcements to be happy.

You deserve to be yourself. Do you know who you are anymore wearing the layers upon layers of family identities thrust over you?

Families are a synergetic grouping in where a single person’s actions vibrate through the whole often having ramifications that keep you living in a hell.

Suffering at the hands of family or loved ones can erode your health, sanity and lives.  Start living your own life without the emotional, physical and spiritual baggage that comes during, after and long after you are in the midst of estranging yourself from family or have done.

Master self-awareness, meeting your own needs, actions and reactions caused by emotional angst, happiness and other’s manipulation. Understand the philosophies behind boundaries, your reluctance to establish and enforce them, and how to live happily.

The program is designed to meet your individual needs.

Fundamentals Taught

  • evaluate all facets of your life
  • define who you are and what you want
  • learn the web of subversion that has become your life discovering essential truths
  • learn what stops you maintaining boundaries
  • learn to purge harmful people and places from your life
  • how are you sucked back into other’s twisted lives
  • rewire your thoughts, emotions and neediness
  • establish a space of safety, free from other’s perspectives that encumber your ‘self.
  • learn 4 part deep breathing techniques for physical and psychological health
  • establish a meditation and mindful practice to remain sane and in control
  • learn a physical sequence of yoga that prepares your body to release stored memories, energy, pain
  • evaluate your need for approval to be self-acceptant, confident
  • develop a five-year plan of action to maintain ‘the self.

A holistic course offered through Skype.
Sessions are 2 times a week, bi-weekly.



  • each session is 55 minutes
  • book Wednesday to Saturday Morning
  • book sessions at the start to work around your schedule
  • reschedule up 48 hrs before session within the 8 weeks
  • 1st session explore your needs and develop a plan of action
  • wear comfortable clothing
  • no previous experience necessary


  • ages 16+
  • mild to severe entanglements
  • teens may participate with parental permission
  • health concern can benefit from this programme
  • you are not asked to stop your medications
  • after completion, you receive a weekly plan to continue maintaining untwisted


  • Untangled from the ties that previously bound you to others
  • Grieving period of acceptance, a lightness to heal
  • Clear, stable and explainable boundaries
  • A clear sense of who you are and where and what you are doing
  • New perceptions and habits that produce constructive, life building actions
  • A developed intuition to distinguish manipulation from the truth
  • Increased self-care to say yes or no on your own terms
  • Healthy outlets for frustration, emotional overload and anger
  • Improved energy, desires to participate
  • A personalised mindful and meditation practice for continued growth
  • A yoga routine for the stability of mind, body and spirit
  • Relinquish your dependence on people, substances and/or food
  • Find your likeminded people with direction and confidence
  • You cease being a doormat and gain self-respect, a clear path with your directives
  • More natural focus, clarity, problem-solving and decision making
  • Remarkable confidence, happiness and satisfaction in yourself and your life
REGISTER ~ $1,277 us

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