'ignite your true self'

12 Week Programme
You Can Be Liked and Loved

Beginner ~ Intermediate ~ Advanced

What do Shy People, the Weak, Naracists, the Arrogant and the Control Freak have in common? The world revolves around them because they run on fear!
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This programme refers to those who have the following traits in where it inhibits/dominates their lives and those around them in a significant manner; to which they recognise and want to make a change. We all have these traits to varying degrees.

The shy and weak personality traits share the same challenges as the arrogant, narcissist and controlling – ‘the world revolves around each’; except instead of wanting to be seen, they control their environment by needing to hide.

‘What will people think of me?’ Their behaviour influences and can dominate those in their lives exactly as the arrogant just from the opposite spectrum.

It is the weak that are most dangerous to others (and themselves) as they can do anything to be liked, allowing fear to run their lives – lie, cheat, sell their mother’s out, become abusers to remain important, wanted and needed.

Master the foundations of meeting your own needs instead of relying on others. Blend into society a little more, be a part of a family, a team and life without dominating the circumstances. Understand the complexities of your behaviour, your fear, learn to be compassionate without lessoning yourself and others. Excel at standing out, taking charge and being known for your skills rather than a dominating and controlling personality.

The program is designed to meet your individual needs.

Fundamentals Taught

  • learn a physical exercise sequence to prepare you to meld with the world
  • master proper 4 and 3 part deep breathing techniques to keep you stable on your feet
  • discover how and why you are what you are, have become
  • how to balance emotions with self-worth to gain your confidence
  • learn to meet your own needs, be self-reliant
  • be recognised for your skills and talents rather than being dominant, bullying behaviours
  • master your emotional and cognitive responses to let people like you and give to you, to love you
  • reprogramme how your fear affects your behaviour (towards yourself and others)
  • learn the give and take of being at ‘the centre. ’
  • practical communication skills: public and private
  • meditation and mindfulness practice to remain calm, focused and in control
  • develop an intuitive attitude to accomplish all that you want

A holistic course offered through Skype.
Sessions are 2 times a week, bi-weekly.



  • each session is 55 minutes
  • book Wednesday to Saturday Morning
  • book sessions at the start to work around your schedule
  • reschedule up 48 hrs before session within the 12 weeks
  • 1st session explore your needs and develop a plan of action
  • wear comfortable clothing
  • no previous experience necessary


  • ages 16+
  • mild to severe entanglements
  • teens may participate with parental permission
  • health concern can benefit from this programme
  • you are not asked to stop your medications
  • after completion, you receive a weekly plan to continue maintaining untwisted


  • Freedom from Fear and Angst
  • Portray Confidence, be more likeable and loveable
  • People see and experience your skills and talents
  • A resilient sense of who you are and where and what you are doing
  • New perceptions on interacting with people, family and colleagues
  • A developed intuition to control your manipulation of others
  • Increased self-care to say yes or no on your own terms
  • Healthy outlets for frustration, emotional overload and anger
  • Improved energy, desires to participate
  • A personalised mindful and meditation practice for continued growth
  • A yoga routine for the stability of mind, body and spirit
  • More Independence, belief in your abilities, and compassion
  • More approachable leader, boss and co-worker
  • Balanced empathy for your family and friend, and their needs
  • The ability to meet your own needs
  • Stop feeling like a fraud
  • Remarkable confidence, happiness and satisfaction in yourself and your life
REGISTER - $1,277 us

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