'ignite your true self'

8 Week Programme
Balance your Emotions for a Consistently Happy Life.

Beginner ~ Intermediate ~ Advanced

Transform your life.
End suffering to find lasting happiness.
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Gain equilibrium of your emotional health to live a full life. Don’t miss out, making plans and know you can keep them. Improve your psychological health with self-awareness of how your body reacts to emotional stress.  Be vigilant in your self-care.


The program design is for the individual.


Fundamentals Taught

  • learn a physical exercise sequence to conquer emotional ups and downs
  • study proper posture standing, seated and in movement
  • master the fundamentals of 3 and 4 part breathing to be in control and calm
  • establish a meditation and mindfulness practice that transforms mental suffering to lasting peace
  • cultivate creativity and visualisation exercise
  • learn specific emotional balancing skills
  • diminish all forms of drama in your world
  • establish a strong boundary bubble
  • change your perspective, alter your body’s biochemistry
  • how to manoeuvre life when angst, crises happen
  • be at peace with your past behaviours to be content with yourself and where you are no

A holistic course offered through Skype.
Sessions are 2 times a week, bi-weekly.


  • each session is 55 minutes
  • book Wednesday to Saturday Morning
  • book sessions at the start to work around your schedule
  • reschedule up 48 hrs before session within the 8 weeks
  • 1st session explore your needs and develop a plan of action
  • wear comfortable clothing
  • no previous experience necessary



  • ages 14+
  • mild to severe emotional issues
  • teens may participate with parental permission
  • present health concern can benefit from this programme
  • you are not asked to stop your medications
  • after completion, you receive a weekly plan to continue maintaining boundaries


  • Established deep breathing practice improving your cognitive and physical health
  • A practiced mindful and meditation practice to be stress-free
  • A yoga sequence for personal development
  • Self-aware of your triggers and how to minimize the effects of challenges and conflicts as they arise
  • Confidence to make healthy choices and actions
  • Improved sleep and ability to keep a job; to keep friends
  • You want more independence, to take care of yourself and living drama free
  • Loved ones are more secure knowing you’re able to care for yourself; their role moves from caregiver / dependent to their equal
  • You have higher functioning cognitive abilities; focus, clarity and problem-solving
  • Increased energy, desire to engage in what you like
  • Clearer and more established boundaries
  • Gain remarkable confidence, happiness and the ability to live the life you want
REGISTER - $977 us

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