'ignite your true self'

6 Week Programme to Help you Balance your Emotions.


Seeking volunteers to work with who want to gain emotional balance in their lives. I want feedback in helping to create an online course from a holistic perspective.

The objective of the six-week program is to improve your psychological health by balancing your emotions through self-awareness and self-care.

• The program design is for the individual.
• No two programmes are alike to help you heal.

The course involves 
• yogasana – physical exercises,
• pranayama – breathing exercises
• meditation, mindfulness
• creativity and visualisation exercise
• specific emotional balancing skills

• all ages, genders, sizes, colours, backgrounds welcome
• mild to severe nervous challenges
• adults, children are welcome, in the company of a parent
• teens may participate with parental permission
• having a secondary condition is ok
• must commit to the 6-week course and self-care for up to 3 months afterwards
• you are not asked to stop your medications

Chosen Participants are invited to share
• A small bio, before and after photographs and descriptions will be posted on my web site.
• nothing of a sensitive nature is posted
• confidentiality is guaranteed
• will be given a weekly plan to continue to improve their health for the following 3, 6 and 12 months.

The holistic course is via Skype over a 6 week period with sessions 2 times a week, bi-weekly.



Each session is between 40 to 50 minutes
• 1st session is an evaluation to assess your abilities in regards to health, thinking perspectives and emotions
• Sessions are through Skype


Confidentiality and Respect
• at no time will I ask you to do anything you do not want to do
• you are asked to go beyond the norm and stretch your boundaries to gain strength and ease
• be open and honest with responses and ask many questions
• wear comfortable clothing
• know that the course is for your benefit, my learning is secondary

• Fuller, stronger 4 part breath awareness for improved cognitive, & physical health.
• Rewiring thinking & healthier perspectives that reverse old patterns of thinking that lead you to embrace an emotionally balanced life.
• Self-awareness to promote immediate behaviour changes, perceptions & problem-solving when conflict or painful situations arise.
• Living a healthier, fuller, more engaged life.

• Releasing your dependence on others & releasing your loved ones from their worry and care about you.
• Enhanced cognitive skills and problem-solving.
• Improved energy, desires and will to participate.
• Lessoning of physical pain, angst and improved self-care.
• Confidence, Happiness
• With more physical movement you may find a less dependency on drugs.

• and more. . . .