'ignite your true self'

6 Week Programme to
Breathe Easier, Stronger and Effectively.


Seeking participants who want to improve their overall health through proper breathing techniques, singers, athletes, dancers and the general public to work with me.

The outcome of volunteering is to improve your health through self-care for optimal breathing. Further develop your understanding of repertory challenges or want to enhance your breathing for sports/activities.

• The program design is for the individual.
• No two programs are alike to help you heal or drastically improve your living with asthma.

The course involves
• yogasana – physical exercises,
• pranayama – breathing exercises
• meditation
• mindfulness
• emotional and mindset perspective work is included

• all ages, genders, sizes, colours, backgrounds welcome
• mild to severe respiratory challenges
• adults, children are welcome, in the company of a parent
• teens may participate with parental permission
• having a secondary condition is ok
• must commit to the 6-week course and self-care for up to 3 months afterwards
• you are not asked to stop your medications

Chosen Participants are invited to share
• A small bio, before and after photographs and descriptions will be posted on my web site.
• nothing of a sensitive nature is posted
• confidentiality is guaranteed
• will be given a weekly plan to continue to improve their health for the following 3, 6 and 12 months

The holistic course is via Skype over a six week period with sessions two times a week, bi-weekly.


•  Each session is between 30 to 40 minutes

•  1st session is an evaluation to assess your abilities in regards to health, mindset, breathing challenges and how this affects your day to day life.

•  The course is in person at your home or through Skype (depending on your location).

•  If sessions are at your home, please have a space clear enough to lay down and without visitors.

Confidentiality and Respect

•  at no time will I ask you to do anything you do not want to do

•  you are asked to go beyond the norm and stretch your boundaries to gain strength and better breathing

•  be open and honest with responses and ask many questions

•  wear comfortable clothing

•  know that the course is for your benefit, my learning is secondary



• Fuller, stronger 4 part breath awareness for a healthier respiratory system.
• Healthier breathing improves body’s intake of oxygen to support blood nutrition, improved cell development
• Improved mood – emotional balance, easing of depression and better effective treatment of anxiety and fear.
• Improved stamina for physical activities & sports
• Enhanced cognitive skills and problem-solving
• Relief from asthma & respiratory challenges, illness and disease

• Lessoning of respiratory pain
• Confidence, Active Participation in Life
• Improved physical and cognitive speaking, communication challenges
• Greater ease singing, with longer phrasing & control to be on pitch
• Improved tone & quality of voice for broadcasters, vocalists and performers
• Improved diction, clarity of speaking & ease of pacing in conversations

• and more . . . .