'ignite your true self'

“A White Knight who loves daylight’s foggy rains; when darkness
falls I then ride screaming through the deepest forests as the Dark Knight.”

Hello, thank you for joining me here.

After years of criticism at not having a single vocation or mainstreaming my creativity, I choose to embrace my diversity without justification or apologies.

One morning I woke to realise this is my life; I can stop trying to please many, and focus on those who join me. I meet and work with the most exciting people. I love where diversity takes me.

I ‘try’ to build successful businesses with the concepts: know your facts, be organised, be straightforward and honest, ask many questions and be compassionate to everyone. The industry itself can quickly learnt.

Living a non-dualistic life helps with this perspective. Experience may not be stress-free, but auspicious is living without the black n white lenses and status-quo.

Non-duality allows for complexities, a neutral, even equilibrium of somewhere in the middle, as well as take nothing personally.  Without judgements and a desire to ‘try’ I discovered I could am a quick learner and asking questions gets us where we/the company need to be.

Importantly I refrain from taking people’s perspectives seriously. I check the facts, do the homework and then query more.  It is incredible how many times what people think are wrong.

Times I succeeded well running a company for a while and then sell.  Unsuccessful times help me discover new skills and learn more about people and myself.

Simultaneous running a company in Canada and the UK, I have client-based work and research. Opening in late 2018 – Yoga Samgata Canada Ltd. – a Registered Membership company for yoga teachers, educators, therapists and schools within Canada.

Previous Businesses

  • Pink Spiders Design – graphic design
  • ‘Z’ Mind Body Spirit – yoga and martial arts centre
  • Zhene Communications Ltd. (UK & CA) – Telecommunications


I cannot remember how many life stories I`ve heard over the years.  Blessed with an inviting presence and a listening ear, strangers and friends alike share their lives with me.  Where: at bus stops, in shops, in libraries, at work and many other places.

When travelling people I’ve just met n invite me home for a meal with their whole family, to join them on their walks, and to go for coffee where I hear more stories.

Subjects: I hear people given job opportunities they couldn’t believe because they lived on the streets for so long, they thought they’d never get work again, where they come from to what brought them here, about how their families changed.

A Catholic nun bought me lunch one summer’s day in Burnaby.  She spoke of her life on the reservations in upper British Columbia.  How this affected long into her retirement.

People are fascinating for countless reasons.  The stories come from children to grandparents, from professionals to the homeless.  Regardless of their place in life, their job seniority and even people with differing abilities (autism, brain injuries, etc.) I listen to them too.

I’ve never recorded their stories on paper but to memory (most), but I’m sure now I’ve shared a 100 people’s lives onwards.  I am blessed.

 Silence Observance to Overcome Abuse

Since a child, I found the corners of life more interesting than the centre.  The centre always felt spongy to where people saw the easy parts of life, hid their emotions and not many swam in the deep waters of life.  As a result, I found life confusing.

At the age of 10, I became excited about classical music, documentaries and serious people watching.  Not having friends who with me explored the complexities of life, philosophies, emotional turbulence and the wonders of nature, I rode on alone.

People watching came out of my struggles to make sense of the pain and confusion of being raised in an abusive home, around horrible family and being bullied at school.

In observing others, I learnt to discern reality from fiction.  Only when in my 30`s did I understand my parents and much family were mentally ill.  Puzzlingly they looked normal, acted normal in other people`s company.  My parents were loved by so many.

Life became too much for so long that in grades 11 and 12 I didn`t speak.  I watched, listened and blended into the world around me.

Being an empath caused perplexities that abuse exacerbated. Took time to understand the whys, hows and because of whoms.

Ironic because of my upbringing I learnt how to navigate a productive life: owning and running several successful businesses, got a BA in music composition, continue to travell and help others, as well as myself,  solve problems, understand their lives and business/work.

Clients learn the benefits of breaking silences that have elephants living in corners of their lives.  Shame and fear can dissipate with the right help when you need it.

As an intuitive and empath I know what I know about people – I just know, other times information comes to me in dreams, and I figure out who it is.  I don’t have to know people, I see them in a room or times I’ve known them for years. This gift began early in my years.

I want people to have their privacy; it is not my place to say to tell people what I know about them. When I do help people, each has to ask. My information can change lives; I want their permission.

When I share insights into people’s lives, the information can trigger a visceral response of ‘Oh my gosh this is truly what’s happened, or I feel so stupid not to have seen this before’.

Occasionally people yell at me, tell me off, challenge my insights and ‘you cannot just say that’ and judge me harshly.  People’s emotions rise when what I know challenges their beliefs, disrupts their thoughts of others or situations, but for both of us, it’s not always easy to hear.

An Example: I client 63 years told me she couldn’t do a handstand because her back was not stable. In evaluating her, I found her back muscles were incredibly strong and flexible.  She responded by yelling I wasn’t a doctor and didn’t know anything.  I explained my evaluation; I found out that her Chiropractor and GP had evaluated her that week with a ‘False Positive’.

Drs told her 20 years earlier she had weak back muscles and spine.  She exercised safely building her flexibility and strengths ever since.  Her trusted ‘professionals’ were agisted not fathoming she had, in fact, a fully mobile spine and a strong back.  She apologised.  I suggested she finds new doctors.

When long-held beliefs are challenged (with verification to the contrary) our mind and emotion may have a delayed acceptance (sometimes not at all).  Finding their beliefs or actions are not what they seem, it can jolt people.  Responses are often subdued until absorbed, excitement and/or ‘that explains it’ moments come later.

Cilica, Specific Biographies

BA – Music Composition / Registered Yoga Therapy Practitioner
Voice Technician & Coach / Intuitive & Healer / Confidant / Business Owner